Solid Laminate Outdoor Table Tops

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  1. Kivu Wenge
  2. Sabah Macassar
    Sabah Macassar
  3. Oak Rustique
    Oak Rustique
  4. Clear Maple
    Clear Maple
  5. Metallic
  6. Redwood
  7. Odessa Beech
    Odessa Beech
  8. Spectrum Red
    Spectrum Red
  9. Spectrum Blue
    Spectrum Blue
  10. Diamond Black
    Diamond Black
  11. Soft White
    Soft White

SLTT Range


SLTT / 600 Dia



SLTT / 600 X 600


SLTT / 600 X 1200


SLTT / 700 Dia


SLTT / 700 X 700


SLTT / 700 X 1200


SLTT / 800 Dia


SLTT / 800 X 800


SLTT / 800 X 1200


SLTT / 900 Dia


SLTT / 900 X 900


Other Sizes Manufactured To Order

(Minimum Order Quantity of 4)

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A Solid Laminate table tops from ChairsGB’s made to order table tops collection combines the natural beauty of Laminate  an extensive choice of finishes and the long lasting durability you want from a outdoor contract, Solid Laminate  table top.

Choose either a standard table tops size or a made to order table top with tough Solid Laminate from ChairsGB when you want the lowest priced high contract quality Solid Laminate table tops in the UK.

A Solid Laminate table top with superior contract quality protection from ChairsGB provides you with best value low cost outdoor, restaurant or dining Solid Laminate table tops available.

Solid Laminate table tops size and shape

A long lasting Solid Laminate table tops from ChairsGB can be made to any dimensions or shape you want. You can choose a standard size Solid Laminate table tops from ChairsGB’s standard table top stock range, or you can specify a made to order table top in any custom made Solid Laminate table tops size.

ChairsGB’s Solid Laminate table tops options also offer you a choice of size.

All ChairsGB Solid Laminate table top options are made to the highest quality. The heavy duty laminate core of your Solid Laminate table top is manufactured by ChairsGB to provide you with the strongest table top centre available.

From a large round Solid Laminate table top for family tables to small square table tops for hotel patios to rectangular table tops for beer garden furniture and pick-nick area furniture, simply specify the size of Solid Laminate table tops you want or choose from ChairsGB’s standard Solid Laminate table tops stock range.

Select the size, shape and thickness of your oak veneered table tops and phone 01206 820200 to place your order.

Superior Solid Laminate Table Tops Strength and Finish

A ChairsGB’s oak veneered table tops are also made with hardwood balancers to give extra strength, and is sprayed with superior contract lacquer to provide heat and stain resistant protection for your choice of veneered table top.

Give your oak veneered table top, and matching ChairsGB table bases, any finish you want from an extensive wood finish range.

ChairsGB can colour match your veneered table top to complement your existing tables and chairs.

Every ChairsGB oak veneered table top, whether made to measure or standard range veneered table tops, has easy to clean surfaces and thick table edges for tough long lasting protection.

Call 01206 820200 for advice on all oak veneered table top options and matching table bases.

Solid Laminate table tops value

When you want an easy to maintain, strong and long lasting oak veneered table tops, choosing a ChairsGB contract table top will provide all of this, and more.

At the lowest prices in the UK, an oak veneered table top from ChairsGB is the best value low cost choice for any hospitality environment or business.

The superior contract quality and heavy duty manufacture of a ChairsGB veneered table top is available on a minimum order of only eight table tops.

For the lowest priced long lasting oak veneered table top in the UK, contact ChairsGB.

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