Superlight Staging Accessories

Superlight Staging Accessories

Fasten two decks together with the twist of an Allen Key.
Spring riser clip secures steps or tiered stagging.
Anti-slip plugs ensure your stage will not slip
on smooth floors.
Supplied in packs of 50.
Valance can be simply clipped onto the edge of the stage deck.
For uneven floors riser levellers are supplied in packs of 20.
Price 4.12
Price 2.43
Price 11.33
Pack of 50
Price 11.33
Pack of 20

Black Valance Blue Valance Green Valance Red Valance
Valance 1m x 230mm deep Price 38.50
Valance 1m x 330mm deep Price 41.90
Valance 1m x 430mm deep Price 46.48
Valance 1m x 630mm deep Price 58.85

Guardrails and Chair Stop Plates
4m x 3m Stage setup shown with Guardrail 
2 Steps shown with 1m Guardrail
Guardrails with Chair Stop Plates
2m x 1m Chair Stop Plates
Chair stop plate per 0.5m length
Price 21.71
Chair stop plate per 1m length
Price 31.30
Chair stop plate per 2m length
Price 46.04
Guardrail 1m width
Price 50.64
Guardrail 2m width
Price 67.57
2 Step guardrail
Price 54.28
3 Step guardrail
Price 68.72

Guardrail Brackets
Guardrail Straight Bracket
(2 required per rail)
Straight Bracket attached to deck
Guardrail Corner Bracket
Price 32.57
Price 59.08

Staging Trolleys
Large Trolley stores 10 of 2m x 1m decks and risers or
20 of 1m x 1m decks and risers.
Small Trolley stores 10 of 1m x 1m decks and risers.
Price 421.47 Price 259.22

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