High Quality Contract Tables

From dining tables for restaurants and canteens, to coffee tables for hotels and clubs, to poseur tables for pubs and bars, choose your contract tables from ChairsGB, manufacturers of superior quality low cost contract furniture. Whatever the location or occasion, ChairsGB has the right tables for you. Makers and suppliers of the very highest quality furniture, ChairsGB has a staggering range of stylish modern dining, coffee and pub tables, stacking, folding and banquet tables, and aluminium, metal and wooden tables. All ChairsGB contract tables are built for strength, durability and ease of use. From economy tables for large venues to stylish American white oak dining and farmhouse kitchen tables for the home, all ChairsGB’s contract tables are available at the cheapest prices. As well as selecting your contract furniture for your business with ChairsGB’s contract chairs, stools and benches, you can create a consistent branded or themed look by choosing ChairsGB modern contract tables. When you need tables for banquets, weddings or special events ChairsGB’s stacking and folding tables allow you to expand your capacity effortlessly. ChairsGB heavy weight tables range includes high and solid hardwood drinks and poseur bar tables. And for the best priced lightweight tables, whether outdoor and plastic or quick folding square banquet tables, choose yours from ChairsGB’s extensive collection of contract tables.

Long Lasting Table Protection

All ChairsGB contract tables are made to withstand frequent use, with a range of superior contract quality features. Heavy duty hardwood legs and underframes can be given a variety of heat, stain and scratch resistant wood finishes on pedestal, poseur, high and bar tables. Choose tables with strong steel legs and scratch resistant finishes for your banquet tables. The thick strong surfaces of ChairsGB’s modern noodle bar tables are protected with heavy duty lacquer heat and stain resistant wood finish. Outdoor aluminium bistro tables combine strength, light weight and easy clean surfaces. The quality and durability of all ChairsGB’s contract tables, from lightweight to solid wood dining and cast iron pub tables, provide any location with stylish long lasting tables and exceptional value.

Contract Tables Expertise

ChairsGB’s contract tables size, shape, style and finish options are almost endless. Contact ChairsGB’s furniture experts for the full range of custom made table possibilities. With ChairsGB’s made to measure tables service you can combine table tops and table bases to create the precise look you want for your restaurant, dining and coffee tables. From small round American diner and bistro tables to square banquet tables, from large wooden dining tables to high and low bar tables, call ChairsGB for all your contract tables. You can have superior quality and style at low cost when you choose ChairsGB’s contract tables for your location.

Aluminium Table

Choose an aluminium table from ChairsGB when you want a lightweight indoor or outdoor aluminium table made with heavy duty construction and modern cafe and bistro table styling. A ChairsGB aluminium table with easy clean surfaces is the lowest priced aluminium restaurant and dining table available. Mix square and round aluminium tables for maximum effect. Aluminium nesting tables combine everyday versatility and space saving flexibility. Choose American retro diner aluminium tables when you want the authentic design of a 1950s aluminium table. The simple lines of an aluminium and wood table make it the ideal catering table for any restaurant or dining environment. With tall aluminium poseur tables and a large range of matching aluminium chairs and stools, ChairsGB’s aluminium furniture collection is the place to find the highest contract quality aluminium tables at the lowest prices.

Banquet Table

A ChairsGB banquet table will provide you with a practical and economical way to cater for any type of wedding, reception of special event. Heavy duty banquet tables, whether you choose a folding banquet or a stacking banquet table are made with thick melamine veneered tops, heavy duty steel frames and scratch resistant finish. ChairsGB make round and square banquet tables so whatever your location you can maximise your banquet dining and seating capacity. All ChairsGB banquet tables, including standard banquet and wedding reception tables, come with strong PVC protected edges, and tough floor protectors. Whether you want large or small banquet tables, choose a lowest priced banquet table from ChairsGB.

Bar Table

Choose your bar tables, from pedestal, drinks and dining tables, all at low cost, from ChairsGB. For your entire bar table requirements, ChairsGB can offer you the best value high quality contract bar tables available. For your pedestal bar tables you can select the base size, shape and finish to match your existing tables. If you need to vary your restaurant dining tables, choose a round, square or long rectangular bar table. ChairsGB’s bar table collection also includes solid hardwood drinks and Metro tables, as well as side and coffee tables, all with a choice of wood finishes. A strong bar table from ChairsGB is made for frequent everyday use. Choose a bar table from ChairsGB when you want the best value low cost long lasting bar table available.

Cast Iron Table

When you want a cast iron table with traditional looks at the lowest price, choose a ChairsGB cast iron pub table. You can select from a range of cast iron table bases and designs, as well as a choice of wood finishes. Whether you want a standard height cast iron table or a double tier cast iron bar table, all ChairsGB cast iron pub tables are protected with heavy duty durable contract lacquer. Both traditional size and large round and square cast iron tables can be ordered, so call ChairsGB now for the best UK priced cast iron table.

Coffee Table

A modern coffee table made to the highest contract standards from ChairsGB is strong, attractive and is available at a low price. Contemporary coffee table looks and solid hardwood construction mean ChairsGB’s coffee tables are ideally suited to any hospitality environment. Choose either a fresh looking natural oak or a more traditional rich mahogany coffee table to match your furniture and decor. Both square and rectangular coffee tables can be specified, including stunning modern reception coffee tables with chromed steel legs. Make your choice of coffee table a simply styled strong construction ChairsGB wooden coffee table.

Design Table

The contemporary design table from ChairsGB’s contract tables collection is a modern noodle bar dining table for all types of fast and high turnover restaurants. A ChairsGB design table is a chunky table that not only looks sturdy but also has the highest contract quality wood finish protection, and strong steel underframe support. And at the lowest prices in the UK, the modern design table is the perfect choice dining or restaurant table. Choose a design table when you want a noodle bar table or as a funky table for the busiest of diners, cafes and canteens. The simple modern styling of the ChairsGB design table suits any contemporary setting. So whether you want a modern design table for a high street noodle bar or you want a cool design table for a city centre diner, choose the best value chunky wood finish design table from ChairsGB.

Dining Table

The best priced modern dining table for your location can be found in ChairsGB’s contract dining tables collection. Select the dining table you want from a range that contains all types of dining tables for cafes, canteens, bars, restaurants and diners. Modern wooden dining tables can be given any finish you want from ChairsGB wood finish options. Whether you want a restaurant, aluminium, or an outdoor dining table, you will find the low cost high contract quality table you want at ChairsGB. Flexible dining arrangements are catered for with both folding and stacking dining tables. When you want long, round or square dining tables designed for heavy duty or frequent use, choose a ChairsGB dining table. Contemporary dining table styles include attractive noodle bar tables and solid oak dining tables. Traditional restaurant and cafe dining tables choices also include American retro diner dining tables, and a large selection of pedestal dining tables. An attractive aluminium and wood bistro dining table from ChairsGB doubles up as both an indoor and outdoor dining table. Contact ChairsGB when you want any type of contract dining table at the lowest prices in the UK.

Economy Table

An economy table from ChairsGB is low in price but high on quality and looks. Round, oblong and square cheap restaurant and dining contract tables are available from ChairsGB. When you want a cheap stacking, folding or economy priced banquet table, choose a ChairsGB strong steel frame economy table, with thick melamine veneer top and PVC protected edges. Banqueting and wedding reception economy tables of superior quality from ChairsGB are the perfect choice when you want heavy duty banquet tables for multi-purpose use. Lightweight economy tables from ChairsGB, both economy plastic outdoor catering and cheap steel and melamine folding tables in a choice of finishes, make expanding your dining capacity quick and easy. A cheap economy table from ChairsGB will deliver the high quality and long lasting versatile you want from a contract catering table.

Folding Table

A folding table from ChairsGB contract catering tables collection gives you even greater control and flexibility over your location’s seating and dining capacity. A folding banquet table from ChairsGB is compact when folded, saving you valuable space. And at the lowest UK prices, a ChairsGB folding table provides you with an excellent value wedding reception or contract dining table. ChairsGB’s large and small folding tables are available in either standard or heavy duty folding form. Both folding table ranges have scratch resistant steel frames, easy clean surfaces, and tough PVC table edge protectors. A long rectangular folding bench for multiple diners or a small square or round folding table from ChairsGB are lightweight and strong economy tables that fold away easily. Choose a ChairsGB folding table when you want the UK’s a high quality catering folding table at a low price.

Heavyweight Table

A heavyweight table for your restaurant, noodle bar, dining room or use as a wedding reception or banqueting table from ChairsGB is the lowest priced in the UK. When you want a heavy weight contract stacking or folding dining table with a strong steel frame and a thick melamine top, choose a low cost heavyweight table from ChairsGB. A heavy weight noodle bar table with thick pine slats and heat and stain resistant spray lacquer protection can be specified in a range of options, including heavyweight free standing or bolt down tables, and heavyweight benches. A ChairsGB heavyweight table is specifically made for high turnover restaurants where there is frequent or constant use. Choose a solid hardwood heavyweight Metro table in a range of sizes and with wood finishes when you want a sturdy and stylish pub or bar table. When you choose a round, rectangular or square heavyweight table from ChairsGB you get the best value contract table specifically designed for heavy duty use.

High Table

The clean lines of an aluminium or solid wooden high table perfectly complement the style of contemporary bar, bistro and cafe furniture. A ChairsGB modern high table, whether a high drinks or tall poseur table, is the UK’s lowest priced tall contract table. Select a high drinks table from ChairsGB’s modern Metro drinks table range and specify a choice of heat and stain resistant wood finishes. When you want a modern high or tall bistro and cafe table, ChairsGB offers you both an indoor and outdoor high aluminium poseur table choice. A traditional cast iron pub or bar pedestal table can be specified in either a single or double tier high options. Whether you want a tall poseur or a modern drinks table, ChairsGB offers you the best value wooden and aluminium contract high table in the UK.

Lightweight Table

ChairsGB’s lightweight table range contains an array of attractive bistro, dining and banqueting tables that combine ease of use lightness and high quality contract strength and durability. An indoor or outdoor lightweight table from ChairsGB gives you maximum restaurant and dining table flexibility. From light and cheap economy folding tables and benches made from aluminium or steel with a choice of laminate finishes, to nesting lightweight aluminium bistro tables, ChairsGB has the lightweight table you want at the lowest price in the UK. When you want a lightweight poseur table for your cafe or bistro and matching light dining and drinks tables, choose both from ChairsGB indoor and outdoor aluminium bistro lightweight table range. For high quality lightweight tables in a range of size, construction and finish options, ChairsGB can provide you the best value low cost lightweight table you want.

Metal Table

For a comprehensive collection of all types of metal tables containing the UK’s lowest priced modern aluminium, steel and chromed tables ChairsGB cannot be beaten. Cheap economy range metal restaurant tables, either oblong, square, round and folding metal dining tables with scratch resistant frames and easy clean veneered surfaces, are the most versatile and flexible metal catering tables available. Choose a space saving steel stacking or metal folding table when you want the high quality of a heavy duty space saving metal banquet table at a low cost. ChairsGB’s amazing aluminium metal cafe and bistro range features any type of metal table for any location or purpose. Whether you want an indoor or outdoor metal table, a round or square wood and metal table, a tall aluminium poseur or a stacking metal table for your pub, bistro or cafe, ChairsGB will provide you with a low cost contract metal table with easy clean surfaces that retain its appeal. Modern metal tables for contemporary dining include funky steel framed noodle bar tables. The polished lacquer pine table top and matt black steel frame of a noodle bar metal table will enhance the look of any high street high turnover restaurant or diner. Other metal diner tables offered at low cost by ChairsGB include American retro diner metal table options, in a choice of polished aluminium table sizes. Create an immediate impression with a modern metal reception coffee table with chromed steel legs. Contact ChairsGB for whichever type of metal table you need at the lowest UK prices.

Modern Table

A high quality modern table is vital for success in today’s catering environment. Choosing a ChairsGB modern contract table will help you attract and retain your customers. And a modern table from ChairsGB costs less than you may think. Included in ChairsGB’s modern contract table collection is an extensive selection of modern dining and restaurant tables, designed and made to provide you with the highest standards of modern table construction, finishes and durability. Whether you want an up market modern cafe or bistro, a heavy duty modern diner table as fast turnover restaurant table or a modern drinks or coffee table as a bar, club or side table, ChairsGB offers you a choice of modern tables with an array wood, finish and style options, allowing you to specify your own custom made catering table. Additional modern table possibilities from ChairsGB are increased with a large range of mix and match modern table tops and bases, ensuring you get the exact modern table design you want. A range of modern cheap standard and heavy duty banquet tables, including modern stacking and folding tables, contains special event and function tables of all sizes and shapes. Modern cafe and canteen tables options include indoor and outdoor aluminium bistro tables, modern noodle bar tables, and chunky modern wooden tables. Find the modern catering, dining, restaurant and reception table you have been looking for at the low price you want in the most comprehensive collection of modern wooden, metal and aluminium tables from ChairsGB.

Noodle Bar Table

Contemporary noodle bar tables are attractive and stylish modern wooden dining tables, ideal for any type of high street and high turnover restaurant. ChairsGB’s low priced noodle bar table range contains free standing and bolt down wooden noodle bar tables, both styles available with a choice of wood finish. Solid and thick pine slats and matt black sturdy steel frames make a ChairsGB noodle bar table exceptionally strong, and with heat and stain resistant spray lacquer protection, your choice of noodle bar restaurant table is made to last. Choose a chunky noodle bar table when you want a dining table with clean lines and natural looking appeal. Matching upholstered and wooden noodle bar benches complement all ChairsGB noodle bar table options. A full range of noodle bar table choices can be seen in ChairsGB economy price noodle bar furniture collection For modern bar, cafe and bistro tables with simple styling, choose a low cost noodle bar table from ChairsGB.

Outdoor Table

An attractive outdoor table from ChairsGB will add to the appeal of your pavement cafe of terrace bistro dining furniture. A low priced modern outdoor table from ChairsGB has high contract quality and durability. Choose your outdoor aluminium table from a range of sizes and designs, including aluminium and wood outdoor bistro and aluminium poseur tables. A versatile outdoor table from ChairsGB, designed to look good as indoor cafe or bistro dining table, can also save you space when you chose an outdoor aluminium nesting table. Additional outdoor table options for you to choose from ChairsGB’s outdoor catering furniture range include plastic outdoor tables and chairs, as well as a full range of aluminium and metal outdoor chairs. Add high visual appeal to your pavement cafe with a low cost outdoor table from ChairsGB.

Pedestal Table

ChairsGB’s modern bar, dining and restaurant table collection features a vast number of wood, metal, aluminium pedestal tables. From a cheap price economy range pedestal restaurant table to a slim pedestal aluminium poseur table or a solid wood noodle bar table, ChairsGB pedestal bar, bistro and dining tables range is the lowest priced in the UK. ChairsGB offers you round, rectangular and square pedestal tables in a variety of designs, finishes and sizes. From small wood veneer pedestal bar and other traditional pedestal pub tables to sleek aluminium American retro diner pedestal tables, ChairsGB’s indoor and outdoor pedestal table range is the best value available. Whichever style of frequent use and modern pedestal table you want, a superior contract standard pedestal table from ChairsGB will provide you with long lasting quality.

Plastic Table

An outdoor plastic table with an easy wipe and clean surfaces from ChairsGB is a cheap catering table that combines light weight with strength and stability. ChairsGB plastic tables are designed for any contract catering requirements, whether as plastic outdoor pub tables, wedding reception or occasional tables when extra dining tables are needed. Choose either a contract strength large plastic table or smaller square plastic table. Complemented by a range of matching outdoor plastic chairs, a ChairsGB plastic table and chairs combination gives you the lowest priced plastic contract furniture in the UK.

Poseur Table

When you want a poseur bar table, choose from ChairsGB’s range of modern indoor and outdoor poseur tables. A heavy duty poseur table for your bar, club or lounge with solid hardwood construction can be chosen from ChairsGB’s Metro drinks table collection. Choose the finish and size of your wooden poseur table and contact ChairsGB for the lowest price modern contract tall drinks table. Complement the look of your wooden Metro poseur table with a matching high bar stool from ChairsGB’s wooden and upholstered poseur bar stools options. For simple elegance a slim aluminium poseur table cannot be beaten. Expand your cafe and bistro tables range with a tall indoor or outdoor aluminium poseur table. With easy to clean surfaces, choosing a ChairsGB aluminium poseur bar table is an easy way to enhance the looks of any modern cafe or bistro furniture. For all your modern poseur tables and traditional cast iron poseur bar tables, at the lowest UK prices, call ChairsGB.

Pub Table

As pubs have changed over the years so has ChairsGB’s pub table collection. Modern pub tables designed for the contemporary pub and bar market are available from ChairsGB’s contract tables collection. Whether you want a traditional pub or bar pedestal drinks or dining table or a clean lined modern wooden drinks, dining or coffee table, ChairsGB can offer you the lowest priced pub table in the UK. Today’s taste for simple design is reflected in ChairsGB solid hardwood pub coffee and restaurant dining table options. The ChairsGB Metro and Broadway pub table ranges includes poseur, tall drinks tables and low coffee tables. Modern wooden pub tables can be given a choice of heat and stain resistant lacquer finishes, including natural oak finish. When you want a neat pub restaurant dining table, choose from ChairsGB’s four legged or pedestal pub dining table options. For consistent pub furniture styling, team your pub table with matching contemporary design dining chairs or bar stools from ChairsGB pub and restaurant furniture collections. Cater to the modern taste for reassuring home style and rustic tables, chairs and furniture with a rural farmhouse dining table from ChairsGB’s low price pub table range. A pub dining table with turned legs and heavy duty solid pine or oak veneered top can be given any pub table wood finish you wish. Whether you want a contemporary pub table or a traditional style restaurant or dining table for your pub or bar, every ChairsGB pub table is made to the highest contract standards. For outstanding value, choose the low price and high quality of a ChairsGB pub table.

Stacking Table

For both heavy duty stacking table strength and aluminium nesting table lightness, choose a low cost stacking table from ChairsGB. Compact stacking table design saves you space and a trolley from ChairsGB table accessories range makes it quick and easy to move your stacking tables whenever you want. A stacking banquet table with heavy duty steel frame construction and a thick veneered top is designed for frequent or constant use as a wedding reception or special function table. A ChairsGB lightweight aluminium stacking or nesting table is the most versatile of bistro tables. Choose either an indoor or outdoor aluminium stacking table for your cafe, bar or bistro at the lowest UK prices. Saving you time, space and money, a ChairsGB stacking table is a sound investment for all types of catering.

Wooden Table

There are almost as many wooden table options to choose from as there are types of wood in ChairsGB’s wooden contract tables range. Modern wooden table choices and traditional wooden styles can be given your choice of wood finish so you can give your wooden restaurant, dining or coffee table the look you want. And at the lowest UK prices, ChairsGB’s collection of wooden tables for bars, bistros, pubs and cafes contains the best value wooden table for your location.